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Odyssey House Trust Christchurch

Improving the wellbeing of individuals, family and community affected by addiction, mental health and related issues.

Odyssey House Trust Christchurch is part of an international network of addiction services started in US in 1966. In NZ there are Odyssey houses in Auckland and Christchurch. The philosophy of Odyssey House is based on therapeutic communities which use group influence as the main change agent.

The programmes are based on recovery principles of self-determination, peer support and empowerment. The Odyssey programme promotes a community consisting of programme participants and staff, this community works together to encourage and promote positive development in the individual. The members learn how to use the community to assist and promote personal growth, with the primary ‘therapist’ and ‘teacher’ in the Therapeutic Model being the community itself. It also provides a predictable environment with well-defined boundaries, as well as encouraging individuals to learn not only consistency, but also reliability, responsibility and accountability.  The community as a whole provides a crucial context for change.

In Christchurch, Odyssey started in 1985 and has contracts with the Department of Corrections and the District Health Board, Ministry Social development. 


Men’s Residential Programme

Our men’s programme is a therapeutic community offering alcohol and drug treatment for men aged 17 and over. We promote changing an individual’s lifestyle through ‘community as method.’ The programme length is 6 months in residence, with our outreach workers supporting a positive transition to the community.

Email: adult@odysseychch.org.nz

Women’s Residential Programme

Our women’s programme is a therapeutic community offering treatment to women within the criminal justice system. Rurally based, this is 4 months in residence, followed by intensive outreach supporting a positive transition to the community and whanau.

Email: hekete@odysseychch.org.nz

Youth Residential Programme

Our youth residential programme provides for 14 - 18 year old males or females who have a substance dependence. The length of the programme is individually determined. Residents attend the Southern Regional Health School situated on site. Our programme provides support in all areas of a youth’s life, family, education, training, outdoor education and outreach on discharge.

Email: youth@odysseychch.org.nz

Christchurch Central Service (CCS)

A central hub for all Alcohol and Drug Services in Christchurch, this city centre service provides a collaboration of clinical service providers and a venue for community groups. Acting as a single point of entry for all alcohol and drug referrals in the Canterbury region, clients can self-refer or concerned others can make contact by phone, email or by visiting in person.
55-59 Ferry Road, Christchurch Central Phone: 03 338 4437

Email: chchaod@odysseychch.org.nz


Community Youth Mental Health and Alcohol & Other Drugs Service (CYMHS)

For young people aged 13-18 years who are facing mental health and/or alcohol and drug issues. The service provides short-term intervention which includes assessment, treatment and support.

Email: cymhs@odysseychch.org.nz

Alcohol and Drug Assessment Services (ADAS)

An alcohol and drug assessment and treatment service for adults in the criminal justice system. The team work at the Justice Precinct, Community Probation sites in Christchurch and North Canterbury and in Canterbury prisons providing a range services including group work, individual counselling and peer support.

Email: adas@odysseychch.org.nz

Hapori Ora (Intensive Day Programme)

An intensive, non residential programme which runs day, evening and Saturday morning groups. Using clinical and non clinical approaches, this programme offers a holistic approach around alcohol and drug use. Family and Peer Support is also available as part of this programme.

Email: haporiora@odysseychch.org.nz

Drug Treatment Programme

A 3-6 month programme for clients at Christchurch Men’s Prison. Facilitating intensive group and individual work, with a range of elective groups to support treatment plans. Referrals are made via the case management team at the prison. Aftercare is an important part of this programme .

Email: dtpteam@odysseychch.org.nz

65 Alive

Sixty five Alive provides individual and group work for older people. With a specialist understanding of substance related concerns, services include consultation and liaison service for related providers.

Email: 65alive@odysseychch.org.nz

Youth Day Programme

A day programme catering for youth aged 13 – 18 years. The programme includes attendance at the Southern Regional Health School. The programme incorporates group work, individual support and outdoor adventure development

Email: youth@odysseychch.org.nz

Recovery House

Groups run at CCS Monday - Friday and include:

  • Recovery 24/7                 
  • Friday Group
  • Dual Recovery Anonymous Waka Hauora, Culture Group Woman and Wellbeing
  • Smart Recovery
  • Meth Group
  • Problem Gambling Foundation Be Smart Family Group                              
  • Mindfulness


Toolkit Training

Our social enterprise provides education and support to organisations to navigate alcohol and drug issues. This could include attending toolbox meetings, manager awareness training, providing fact sheets and facilitating access to in depth interventions as required.

Email: toolkit@odysseychch.org.nz

Driving Change

Eleven week group programme facilitated in the evenings for recidivist impaired drivers. We promote behavioural change and raise awareness associated with impaired driving. Self- referrals are also accepted.

Email: adas@odysseychch.org.nz

Peer Support

Our Peer Support Team are able to work alongside clients on their journey, supporting people in treatment and providing a lived experience perspective.

Email: chchaod@odysseychch.org.nz

Community Brief Intervention

Up to six face to face brief intervention counselling sessions to support individuals with problems caused by alcohol and drug use.


Meth Help Team

A nationwide, confidential phone counselling service for anyone concerned about their own, or another person’s, meth use.

Phone 0800 Meth Help Email:mht@odysseychch.org.nz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MethHelpTeam/

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Odyssey House Trust Christchurch


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