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The Salvation Army

An international movement and an evangelical branch of the Christian Church that expresses its ministry through a range of spiritual and social programmes. "Caring for People, Transforming Lives and Reforming Society by God’s Power.”

Our operational headquarters for New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa is in Wellington, New Zealand

The Salvation Army is a vast organisation with many expressions, but our specific collection of services is called ASARS: Addictions, Supportive Housing and Reintegration Services. The National Office for ASARS is in Auckland, which serves our many centres and over 500 staff across Aotearoa.

ASARS exists to work with people experiencing issues in their lives which cause them to be marginalised and excluded from society, including people experiencing addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling; people who are homeless or in need of emergency accommodation and people being reintegrated into society after release from prison.

The Salvation Army in Aotearoa New Zealand has a strong connection with the Pacific Islands, and in ASARS we provide support for similar addiction treatment services in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga.

ASARS Services include:

  • The Salvation Army Bridge provides a high-quality treatment service for people whose lives have been severely affected by their use of alcohol and other drugs. Bridge offers a mix of residential services as well as day services, social detox and respite AOD programmes.
  • The Salvation Army Oasis provides support, education and counselling for people affected by gambling harm.
  • The Salvation Army Supportive Housing provides transitional housing throughout New Zealand. We work alongside residents to locate permanent housing and assist people with other life challenges.
  • The Salvation Army Reintegration services works with people who have been in prison for two years or more, to provide support with housing and a safe transition into the community. We also offer emergency accommodation to newly released offenders for up to six nights.

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The Salvation Army


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“Caring for People, Transforming lives, Reforming Society, By God’s Power”