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Equally well

Equally well

Equally well

Equally Well is a group of organisations and individuals working together to improve physical health outcomes for people with experience of mental health and/or addiction needs.

Platform is proud to be one of more than 100 Equally Well partner organisations that have signed up to take action in their own areas of expertise and influence, to bring about much needed change.

Equally Well is a movement, made up of people and organisations taking action to address the unmet physical health needs of people with lived experience of mental health and addiction issues. 

It is well known that people experiencing mental health and/or addiction needs have worse physical health outcomes than their peers, and a lot of work has been done to address this over the years.

Equally Well has been in operation for over five years. In this time, people working across sectors have committed to working together to reduce this.

Platform challenges organisations to support this movement by deciding what you can do to ensure all New Zealanders are Equally Well.

Other work areas

Policy - Equally well | Platform Trust


Contributing to policy development, as well as providing a policy library and a range of publications to support the sector.

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Advocacy - Equally well | Platform Trust


Fostering strategic partnerships and alliances to achieve a strong and sustainable mental health and addiction NGO and community sector.

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